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Union County College Goes Green

Union County College is now equipped with a complete set of solar panel arrays on the roof of each building on the Cranford Campus. These arrays will allow for clean, green energy production that will lessen the college's ecological footprint. In the 21 days since the system went online, it has produced 17.87MWh or 17870KWh! This is more than enough energy to power an entire household for over a year.
Average energy consumption for the standard homeAverage energy produced by the college each day*Total energy the college has produced to date*
10,656KWh 619.95KWh 17,870KWh
*Based upon the energy reports issued on 5/29/12

1.Photovoltaic cells 2. Solar Panels 3. Combiner 4. Inverter 5. AC Safety Switch 6. Performance Monitoring Reporting (PMRS) System
Solar energy works by using the following steps:
  • Photovoltaic (PV) cells convert sunlight into direct current (DC) energy. A solar panel contains multiple PV cells.
  • A combiner collects all the energy from the solar panels into one place.
  • The energy is then sent to a converter that changes it into alternating current (AC). AC is the form of energy most devices use for power.
  • The AC energy is then sent throughout the campus to assist with its electrical needs.
The performance monitoring reporting system determines how much power the solar panels are generating. When there is an excess amount of energy, the extra electricity is sent through the power lines to help support the local power grid.

For a full, detailed explanation on how it works, please visit the Tioga Energy "How Solar Works" webpage.
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