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American Studies


Option offered through Liberal Arts

The American Studies Option provides opportunities for students who wish to understand the richness and diversity of American culture. This option offers a solid foundation in American history, politics, and literature accompanied by the study of related areas in the American experience. For many professions, such as teaching and law, this general education background is essential. In addition, the American Studies Option is also recommended to students who enter college without a definitive vocational goal and wish to explore the opportunities offered by many fields before deciding upon a career.

The specific objectives of this program are that the graduate must be able to demonstrate:

  • an understanding of some of the major concepts in the areas of American history, politics, and literature;
  • the ability to think critically about some of the major political issues that concern our nation today;
  • an appreciation of the contributions that some American authors have made to developments in literature;
  • sensitivity to the problems faced by some of the various groups that have made up the American experience, i.e., slaves, immigrants, native Americans;
  • familiarity with how knowledge of the humanities and the social sciences enables an individual to better appreciate the kinds of cultural developments that have taken place in America;
  • an ability to communicate clearly in both the spoken and written word.
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First Year

First Semester

ENG 101 - English Comp I
HIS 101 - Intro to Western Civilization I
Lab Science or Mathematics*
PSY 101 - General Psychology
COM or FIA or Modern Language

Second Semester

ENG 102 - English Comp II
ENG 129 - Public Speaking
HIS 102 - Intro to Western Civilization II
Lab Science or Mathematics*
COM or FIA or Modern Language

Second Year

First Semester

ENG 207 - American Literature I
ECO 201 - Principles of Economics I OR
ECO 202 - Principles of Economics II
HIS 201 - US History to 1865
GOV 201 - American Govt. and Politics
SOC 101 - Principles of Sociology
Mathematics or Laboratory Science or Technology

Second Semester

ENG 208 - American Literature II
HIS 202 - US History Since 1865
GOV 202 - American National Govt
SOC 206- Minorities in American Life

A one-year science sequence is recommended.

*MAT 117 or higher.

** It is suggested that the American Studies student choose electives from the following list:
ASL 101, 102    COM 109, 209    HIS 105, 106 ASL 103, 104    CRJ 101, 205    HIS 215 ASL 208    ECO 205, 207    HRS (ALL) AST 101, 102    ENG 128, 129    MAT 119, 127 BIO 101, 102    ENG 227, 228    MAT 161, 162 BIO 103, 104    FIA 108, 111    PHI 205 BIO 109, 113    FIA 112, 117    PHY 101, 102 BIO 114, 118    FIA 120    PSY 105, 207 CHE 101, 102    GEY 101, 102    SOC 102, 205 CHE 106    GOV 203, 204    SOC 213  COM 101, 201    GOV 208    URS 101 MOD. LANGUAGES (ALL)

PSY 102 is recommended for student who will approach graduation with 63 credits.

Career Options

Graduates can transfer to a four-year college or university and are eligible to take advantage of the many transfer/articulation agreements UNION County College has with some of the top four-year colleges and universities in the country. See a transfer counselor for details.

Program Information

Type of Program: Associate in Arts Degree

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