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Assessment of Student Learning


I. Course Level Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes

Where does assessment occur?

    A.   Assessment in a course with one section, or
    B.   Assessment in a course with multiple sections, or
    C.   Assessment in all sections of a multi-section course, referred to as a “high-impact” course

What is assessed?

    A.   Assess student learning related to course objectives as stated in the course syllabus
    B.   Observable student behavior that demonstrates that learning is acquired on a pre-specified objective

How is the project approved?

    A.    A project proposal is written by faculty in an academic department and submitted to the Student Learning Outcomes Committee Chairs, the Executive Director of Assessment, Planning &    
           Research, and the Academic VP for approval

What methods of assessment are used?

    A.   Direct methods of assessment of student learning should be used, e.g.,

            1.    Internships
            2.    Clinical experiences
            3.    Field work
            4.    Licensure/certification examination results
            5.    ePortfolio or portfolio assessment
            6.    Juried exhibition or performance
            7.    Expert(s) evaluation of student projects/papers
            8.    Holistically scored essays
            9.    Objective test questions linked to assessment objectives and scored by faculty
          10.    Standardized tests or industry sanctioned examinations linked to course objectives

What sources do I use to learn more about classroom assessment?

        1.   Classroom assessment techniques: A handbook for college teachers.
              Angelo, Thomas A. & K. Patricia Cross, UCC Library, Cranford Stacks,

        2.   King’s College:  www.kings.edu

        3.   Ferris State University:   www.ferris.edu

        4.   North Carolina State University:   http://www2.acs.ncsu.edu/UPA/archives/assmt/resource.htm

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