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External Scholarships

Scholarship Names: Scholarship Descriptions: Contact Information:
ACTUARIAL SCHOLARSHIPS For students in the pursuit of actuarial careers. The Casualty Actuarial Society/Society of Actuaries scholarship program is available to African North Americans, Hispanics, and Native North Americans. An applicant must be either a U.S. citizen or have a permanent resident visa. http://www.beanactuary.org/
ACS/BAYER SCHOLAR PROGRAM For African-American, Hispanic/Latino, and American Indian students who are pursuing an undergraduate degree in chemical science or chemical technology. Must prove financial need.
ADELANTE US EDUCATION LEADERSHIP FUND For Hispanic students, who have a minimum of 3.0 GPA, are eligible for financial aid or state-funded programs, and enrolled full-time. joguerrero@adelantefund.org or
ADHA INSTITUTE FOR ORAL HEALTH SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM A number of programs are available for undergraduate and graduate students who are currently pursuing or who are interested in pursuing a career in Oral Health. Call 1-800 735 4916 or visit http://www.adha.org/institute-for-oral-health
AFRICAN AMERICAN SCHOLARSHIPS Database of scholarships and internship opportunities available for African Americans in a wide variety of disciplines. www.littleafrica.com/resources
AFRICAN AMERICAN PEACE OFFICER ASSOCIATION of ARLINGTON Five scholarships offered per year based on leadership, academic excellence, and community involvement. Contact Tracie Baker at 721-3660 or
AGI MINORITY GEOSCIENCE SCHOLARSHIPS For students enrolled in an accredited institution as an undergraduate or graduate six student majoring in geo-science, or a sub-discipline of geo-science, and demonstrate financial need. Contact: American Geological Institute 703-379-2480 ext. 245. or visit www.agiweb.org/education
AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL ASSOCIATION, INC. For full-time undergraduate or graduate students in aeronautics, aviation or related field. Call 703-299-2430 or visit www.atca.org/
Scholarship Names: Scholarship Descriptions: Contact Information:
ALICE YURIKO ENDO SCHOLARSHIP For students of Japanese American descent. Japanese American Citizens League. Contact 415 921-5225 or visit http://www.jacl.org/edu/scholar.htm
ALLIANCE FOR MINORITY PARTICIPATION SCHOLARSHIP For minority students majoring in math, science, or computers science. Contact 817-272-7215, or visit schol@uta.edu or www.uta.edu
AMERICAN DENTAL HYGIENISTS’ ASSOCIATION INSTITUE For full-time, minority (African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans, and Males) undergraduate/graduate students currently under represented in the Dental Hygiene profession. Selection based on minimum 3.0 GPA, documented financial need of at least $1,500, and completion of a minimum of 1 full-time year in dental hygiene curriculum prior to receiving the award. Scholarship Administrator, ADHA Institute for Oral Health.

Contact 312-440-8900 or visit http://www.adha.org/institute-for-oral-health

AMERICAN GEOPHYSICAL UNION For minority graduate or undergraduate students studying earth, space or marine Science or related field. Contact 800-966-2481 or visit www.agu.org
AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY-SCHOLARS PROGRAM For high school seniors and college freshmen, sophomores, or juniors who are pursuing a chemical technology career. Must demonstrate financial need and academic excellence.
AMERICAN EDUCATION SERVICES (AES) AES offers a broad range of bilingual materials and programs to assist with planning, preparing, and paying for higher education goals. Contact 1-800-692-7392 or visit www.aessuccess.org
AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ARCHITECTS MINORITY DISADVANTAGED SCHOLARSHIP For minority students enrolling in architecture programs. Awards are from $500 to $3,000. Generally 20 students are selected. Visit www.e-architect.com
AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERS MINORITY DOCTORAL FELLOWSHIPS PROGRAM For students studying or intending to study chemical engineering. Open to minority high school seniors or college students (freshman to juniors.) Must have a minimum3.0 GPA. Contact 212-591-7338 or visit www.aiche.org/students
Scholarship Names: Scholarship Descriptions: Contact Information:
AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS SCHOLARSHIPS For undergraduates studying accounting at a U.S. college. Must have at least 30 credits completed. Awards up to $5,000. About 300 winners annually. Visit www.aicpa.org/members/div/
AMERICAN INSTITUE OF ARCHITECTS (AIA) FOUNDATION For undergraduate minority and/or disadvantaged students who are pursuing a career in architectural studies. Student must be accepted to a NAAB accredited architecture school. Contact 202-785-7511 or visit www.aia.org/

4 scholarships for $2,000 each will be awarded to students pursuing an automotive major during either the 2013 fall semester or 2014 spring semester.

2 scholarships will be awarded each semester; totaling 4 awards over the 2013-2014 school year.

AMERICAN NUCLEAR SOCIETY For women and minority students studying nuclear science or nuclear engineering. Contact 708-352-6611 or visit www.ans.org
AMERICAN PHYSICAL SOCIETY For minority undergraduate and graduate students majoring in physics. Contact 301-209-3200 or visit www.aps.org
AMERICAN PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSN. MINORITY FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM The MHR program also has two sub-specialties: HIV/AIDS and substance abuse. MFP provides living allowances to students who hold the fellowships and facilitate professional development with the aim of moving students towards high achievement in areas related to ethnic minority mental health research or services. African American, Alaskan Native, American Indian, Asian American, Hispanic/ Latino, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander students are especially encouraged to apply.
Contact 202-336-6127 or visit mfp@apa.org or http://www.apa.org/pi/mfp/index.
AMERICAN RESPIRATORY CARE FOUNDATION For a minority undergraduate students who are enrolled in an AMA accredited respiratory care training program and has completed at least one semester of the program. Contact 214-243-2272 or visit www.arcfoundation.org/
AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR MICROBIOLOGY (ASM) FACULTY FELLOWHSIP PROGRAM For a minority full-time undergraduate faculty member studying microbiological sciences. Office of Education & Training. Contact 202-737-3600 or visit www.asm.org
Scholarship Names: Scholarship Descriptions: Contact Information:
AMOCO FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP For minority students planning on pursuing a degree in Geology with an emphasis in geophysics. Recipient must be a permanent resident or citizen. $3, 4000 year. Contact: Amoco Foundation, 200 E. Randolph Dr. Mail Code 300, Chicago, IL 60601
ART MAJORS SCHOLARSHIP For undergraduate student majoring in Graphic Design and have a 3.0 GPA. Award: $500-1500. Number of Awards: 250-300. National Scholarship Trust Fund of the Graphic Arts. Contact 421-741-6860
ARTS RECOGNITION AND TALENT SEARCH AWARDS For high school or college students (17-18 years of age) who show talent in dance, voice, music, art, photography, jazz, visual arts, writing, or other creative areas. Visit www.artsawards.org
ASIAN AMERICAN JOURNALISTS ASSOCIATION For outstanding high school seniors and undergraduate and graduate students. Students are selected based on commitment to the field of journalism, sensitivity to Asian American and Pacific Islander issues as demonstrated by community involvement, journalistic ability, and financial need. Visit www.aaja.org/
ASIAN & PACIFIC ISLANDER AMERICAN SCHOLARSHIP FUND Recipients must have a minimum 2.7 GPA. Each scholarship award is for $2,000. Awards are made on the basis of academic record, future plans, community service, financial need, and leadership. Contact 202-986-6892 or visit www.apiasf.org
ASPIRA ASSOCIATION, INC. SCHOLARSHIPS For Hispanic youths Contact www.aspira.org/
AT&T LABS UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH PROGRAM For women or a members of a minority group underrepresented in the sciences. Must be at least a junior in college. Contact 908-221-4191 or visit www.att.com
AYN RAND ESSAY SCHOLARSHIPS For both high school and college students. Award: $50 to $10,000 Visit www.aynrand.org/
Scholarship Names: Scholarship Descriptions: Contact Information:
BELL LABS FELLOWSHIPS For underrepresented minorities Visit www.bell-labs.com/
BLACK EXCEL FINANCIAL AID AND SCHOLARSHIPS Database of information on state financial aid Visit www.blackexcel.org/fin-sch.htm
BLACK EXCEL SCHOLARSHIP GATEWAY Database of scholarships for minorities. Visit www.BlackExcel.org/link4.htm
BONNER SCHOLAR SCHOLARSHIPS For students who demonstrate community service as well as financial need. Award: $4,000 and renewable until graduation. Approx. 1,500 awards granted to students from participating colleges. Visit http://www.bonner.org/
BURGER KING SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM Awards are $1,000 each and may be used for educational expenses during the first year of college or post-secondary vocational/technical school. Approximately 1,500 scholarships are awarded throughout the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Visit www.scholarshipamerica.org/
CAREER SERVICES CENTER FOR A BETTER CHANCE Database of scholarships. Visit http://www.abetterchance.com/
CAROLE SIMPSON SCHOLARSHIP For any minority college student whose career objective is electronic Journalism. Radio and Television News Directors Foundation,
CHICANA LATINA SCHOLARSHIPS For continuing Latina students to complete their undergraduate and graduate college education. These scholarships are available on a competitive basis to female college students of Latino background. Visit www.chicanalatina.org/
CHINESE CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP, INC. SCHOLARSHIPS For Chinese students who are currently studying, or who wish to study theology. A total of $4500 is awarded in scholarships. Average award: $750. Contact 212-666-3230
UScholarship Names: UScholarship Descriptions: UContact Information:
CIA/UNDERGRADUATE SCHOLARSHIPS For minority or disabled college freshman with a 3.0 GPA. Applicants must be majoring in one or more of the following: physics, computer science, engineering,economics, mathematics, imagery science, cartography, Japanese, Russian, or Chinese. Recipients will gain a summer job at the Central Intelligence Agency. Contact 703-874-4462 or visit https://www.cia.gov/careers/student-opportunities/undergraduate-scholarship-program.html
CLARE BOOTH LUCE SCHOLARSHIPS IN SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING For women studying biology, engineering, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, and physics. Henry Luce Foundation, Inc. Contact 212-489-7700 or visit www.hluce.org/
COLGATE MINORITY SCHOLARSHIPS For minority students currently enrolled in an accredited dental hygiene program. Contact 800 735-4916 or visit http://www.adha.org/institute-for-oral-health
THE COMMITTEE ON MINORITIES IN PHYSICS For historically under-represented minorities, notably African-Americans, Hispanic, and Native Americans, who are pursuing degrees in physics and plan to work in the same field in the United States.
COMPUTER SCIENCE SCHOLARSHIP For students who study computer science with the intention of using the knowledge gained to provide leadership in their chosen field.
CONGRESSIONAL HISPANIC CAUCUS INSTITUTE For Latino students who have a history of performing public service-oriented activities in their communities and who plan to continue contributing in the future. There is no GPA or major requirement. Award: $1,000 - $5,000. Visit http://www.chci.org/
COOPERATIVE EDUCATION AGREEMENT For women and minority candidates in fish and wildlife biology fields. Amount: $11,000 plus tuition. Cooperative Research Units Center Visit www.coopunits.org
COUNCIL ON CAREER DEVELOPMENT FOR MINORITIES For students from underrepresented backgrounds entering the legal profession. A list of scholarships is available from the website. Contact 214-631-3677 or visit www.cleoscholars.com/
Scholarship Names: Scholarship Descriptions: Contact Information:
DAVIS-PUTTER SCHOLARSHIP FUND For graduate or undergraduate students who demonstrate financial need. Must demonstrate participation in expanding civil rights, economic Visit www.davisputter.org
DR. JUAN ANDRADE, JR. SCHOLARSHIP FOR YOUNG HISPANIC LEADERS For students enrolled or accepted for enrollment as a full-time student in a four year or two-year institution in the U.S. or U.S. territories, and demonstrate a verifiable need for financial support. At least one parent must be of Hispanic ancestry. Recipients must also be able to attend the Annual Midwest Hispanic Student Leadership Conference in Chicago, IL.
Contact 312-427-8683 or visit http://www.ushli.org/student/
ED BRADLEY SCHOLARSHIP For any minority full-time college student whose career objective is electronic journalism. Radio & News Television News Directors Foundation,
EQUAL OPPORTUNITY PUBLICATIONS For minority students in engineering. Amount: $500. Contact 631-421-9421 visit www.eop.com/
ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIPS For minority students
For minorities or females, who are full-time sophomores enrolled in an undergraduate program in Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or Mechanical Engineering, Contact 714-975-2000 or visit
GREATER DALLAS ASIAN AMERICAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Excellence in Education Scholarships Contact 972-241-8250
GOOD NEIGHBOR SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM For students of Latin American origin. Non-US citizens only.
GOOGLE HISPANIC COLLEGE FUND SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM For Hispanic students of Computer Science or Computer Engineering Contact www.hispanicfund.org
HACU National Internship Program (HNIP)
The HACU National Internship Program (HNIP) is seeking applicants for the summer and fall 2015 internship sessions. HNIP provides students the opportunity to receive valuable work experience through paid internships with federal agencies and private corporations nationwide. Since its inception, HNIP has provided more than 10,000 internships. Students can apply online at www.hacu.net/hnip and read stories shared by current interns, previous internship supervisors and program alumni. For questions regarding HNIP, our Washington DC office can be reached at 202 467 0893 or at hnip@hacu.net The final deadline for students to apply for a summer internship is February 27th, 2015. The deadline for the fall session is June 12, 2015. 

Contact 202 467 0893 hnip@hacu.net


HERCULES INCORPORATED Scholarships and summer jobs for minorities in engineering majors. Must apply through your institution. Amount: $2,000. Hercules Incorporated, Contact 302-594-5000 or visit www.herc.com
Scholarship Names: Scholarship Descriptions: Contact Information:
HISPA SCHOLARSHIP For qualified Hispanic students who are enrolled or are planning to enroll in a health related field at an accredited colleges or universities in the United States. Awards will vary from $500 to $2,000. Contact www.hispa.org
HISPANIC COLLEGE FUND For students who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents with a minimum GPA of 3.0 and who demonstrate financial need. Visit hispanicfund.org/
HISPANIC ENGINEERS NATIONAL ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS CONFERENCE For students majoring in math, computer science, material science, or engineering. Some awards require recipient to be U.S. citizens or residents. Award: $500 to $5,000. Visit www.greatmindsinstem.org/
HISPANIC COLLEGE FUND AND SALLIE MAE FIRST IN MY FAMILY SCHOLARSHIPS For Hispanic undergraduate students in any field who are the first in their families to attend college. Contact 507-931-1682 or visit www.thesalliemaefund.org/
INSTITUTE FOR HUMANE STUDIES SCHOLARSHIP For undergraduate or graduate study in the United States or abroad. Open to students Contact 703-993-4880 or 800-697-8799 e-mail ihs@gmu.edu or visit www.theihs.org
JACKIE ROBINSON FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP For all academic fields. Award: $6,000 per year, renewable. Approximately 100 winners. Award is based on academic merit, leadership, and community service. Visit www.JackieRobinson.org
KOREAN AMERICAN SCHOLARSHIP FOUNDATION For students currently enrolled in a full-time undergraduate or graduate program. Recipients selected on the basis of financial need, academic achievement, school activities, and community services. Each applicant must submit an application to the respective KASF region, in which each region is designated by the state where school is located. Visit www.kasf.org/
Scholarship Names: Scholarship Descriptions: Contact Information:
­­­­LATINO INITIATIVES FOR THE NEXT CENTURY For first generation Latino college students with an opportunity to obtain a degree in higher education. Contact 773-762-8970 or visit www.linc-usa.org
LA UNIDAD LATINA FOUNDATION, INC. For Hispanic students who have completed at least one semester of higher education. Academic excellence, extracurricular activities, and financial need are strongly considered. Applicants must have a 2.7 GPA
LEONARD M. PERRYMAN COMMUNICATIONS SCHOLARSHIP For ethnic minority students majoring in journalism or mass communications Contact 888-278-4862 or visit www.umcom.org/
MALDEF-ELLEN AND FEDERICO JIMENEZ SCHOLARSHIP For college or state university undocumented students only. University of Texas (UT) students DO NOT qualify. Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund www.maldef.org
MALDEF LAW SCHOOL SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM Candidates must have outstanding academic records, including participation and leadership in extracurricular activities. Must be enrolled full time to qualify. Latino background. Candidates must show academic achievement indicating the potential or a successful completion of a law degree. Contact 213-629-2512 or visit www.maldef.org
MARGARET MCNAMARA MEMORIAL FUND To support the education of women from developing countries who are committed to improving the lives of other women and children in a developing country. Visit www.mmmf-grants.org/home/
MEXICAN AMERICAN LEGAL DEFENSE AND EDUCATIONAL FUND For all students regardless of residency status. Contact 213-629-2512 or visit www.maldef.org
MIGRANT FARMWORKER SCHOLARSHIPS For students with a recent history of movement for agricultural employment. Must demonstrate scholastic achievement and financial need. Contact The Geneseo Migrant Center 800-245-5681 Or visit www.migrant.net/
MINORITY UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH FELLOWSHIP For under-represented minorities in the sciences. Must be majoring in science. Contact (202) 737-3600 or visit www.asm.org
NATIONAL ACTION COUNCIL FOR MINORITIES IN ENGINEERING SCHOLARSHIPS For engineering students. Award: Up to $20,000 and many are renewed. Visit www.nacme.org/scholarships/
NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF WOMEN IN CONSTRUCTION (NAWIC) FOUNDER´S SCHOLARSHIP For minority students enrolled in a construction related degree program. Contact 817-877-5551 or visit www.nawic.org/
NATIONAL COLLEGIATE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION SCHOLARSHIPS For sports-related study (such as sports journalism). Awards are given in all sports categories. Award: $3,000 to $12,500. Deadlines vary, as do the number of awards each year. Visit www.ncaa.org/
NATIONAL & COMMUNITY SERVICE INTERNSHIPS Various awards for those who demonstrate outstanding community service. Visit www.nationalservice.gov
NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF HEALTH UNDERGRADUATE SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM For students from disadvantaged backgrounds who are committed to careers in biomedical research. The program is primarily designed to provide an incentive for Exceptional scholars to pursue biomedical research careers at NIH.
NATIONAL NEWSPAPER PUBLISHERS ASSOCIATION GRANTS For minority students who want to pursue a career in journalism. Contact 202-588-8764 or visit www.nnpa.org/
NATIONAL SOCIETY DAUGHTERS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION For American Indians. Award is intended to help Native American students of any age, any tribe, in any state who are striving to get an education. Awards based on financial need, academics and ambition. Applicants must be Native Americans, be in financial need, and have a minimum GPA of 2.75. Visit www.abetterchance.org
NATIONAL SOCIETY OF BLACK ENGINEERS SCHOLARSHIPS NSBE provides various scholarships to members that range in value from $500 to $5000
NATIVE AMERICAN EDUCATION GRANT For Presbyterian Indian, Aleut or Eskimo at the undergraduate level. Amount: $200 to $1,500. Deadline: June 1. Native American Education Grant Presbyterian Crch Financial Aid 100 Witherspoon Street Louisville, KY Contact (502) 569-5760 or visit www.abetterchance.org
NCR FOUNDATION MINORITY SCHOLARSHIP For Black and other minority students who exhibit outstanding academic performance and who plan to major in accounting, finance, business, computer science engineering, or related fields. Amount: $5,000-$20,000. Contact NCR Corporation Headquarters, 513-445-1777
NEW HORIZON EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM For Hispanic or African American students who are infected with Hepatitis C, or who are dependents of someone with Hepatitis C and want to attain a college education. Students must maintain a 3.0 GPA.
PHI DELTA KAPPA INTERNATIONAL SCHOLARSHIP Applicant must show interest in pursuing a career within the field of education. Contact 800-766-1156 or e-mail information@pdkintl.org Or visit www.pdkintl.org
RADIO TV NEWS DIRECTOR ASSOCIATION FOUNDATION For sophomores enrolled in college who have at least one more academic year Remaining to graduate. May be enrolled in any major so long as career intent is in Television or radio news. Contact 202-467-5218 Karenb@rtndf.org
RELIGION BASED SCHOLARSHIPS Database for finding scholarships based on a specific religion. Visit www.free-4u.com/
RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL OF NEW JERSEY MERIT SCHOLARSHIP students presently attending a New Jersey community college who are pursuing a major in a science and/or technology related field, have at least a 3.5 G.P.A Visit www.rdnj.org for application and more information
RON BROWN SCHOLARSHIPS 10,000 for 10 to 20 students, renewable. Based on academic merit, leadership, and community service. Open to all fields. Visit www.RonBrown.org
SALVADORAN-AMERICAN LEADERSHIP AND EDUCATIONAL FUND: SALEF EDUCATION FOR EXCELLENCE For students of Central American and other Latino background. Must demonstrate financial need. Must have a minimum GPA of 2.5. Must have a history of community involvement and be willing to give back by becoming a mentor to a high school student. Contact 214-480-1052 or e-mail info@salef.org
SAUL T. WILSON SCHOLARSHIP For students interested in a career in Veterinary Medicine. Visit www.aphis.usda.gov
SCHOLARSHIPS FOR HISPANICS Database of over 1000 scholarships included in the Hispanic Scholarship Directory, sponsored by the National Education Association. Visit www.scholarshipsforhispanics.org/
SCHOLARSHIP & FINANCIAL AID HELP Database of scholarships available to Black students Visit www.blackexcel.org/fin-sch.htm
SCHOLARSHIP HUNTER Search for awards by academic major or state. Visit www.scholarshiphunter.com
SCHOLARSEARCH Search for awards based on academic field of study, academic level, and minority group. Visit www.scholarsite.com
SCHOLARSHIPS BASED ON ETHNICITY Database of scholarships available base on ethnicity Visit www.college.ucla.edu/UP
SCIENCENET SCHOLARSHIPS Database of scholarships available to students studying a science. Visit www.cse.emory.edu/sciencenet
SIEMENS WESTINGHOUSE COMPETITION To encourage minority students to consider careers teaching math and science. Visit http://www.siemens-foundation.org/
SOCIETY OF HISPANIC PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERS EDUCATIONAL GRANTS PROGRAM For minority students who are enrolled or plan to enroll in an engineering or science Program. Visit www.shpe.org/
SOCIETY OF WOMEN ENGINEERS SCHOLARSHIPS For women who are majoring in engineering or computer science. Award amounts are from $200 to $5,000, and at least 90 are granted. Visit www.swe.org
STANLEY E. JACKSON SCHOLARI­­­­­­­SHIP ­­­FOR STUDENTS WITH DISABILITI­­­­ES For disabled students of an ethnic minority. You must be disabled and intend to enroll in a full-time undergraduate program or vocational, technical, or fine arts training programs. Contact Foundation for Exceptional Children, (800) 224-6830, ext. 450 or visit www.cec.sped.org
STATE FARM SCHOLARSHIPS For Hispanic college students who are pursuing a teaching career. www.statefarm.com
THE EMMA L. BOWEN FOUNDATION FOR MINORITY INTERESTS Scholarships to increase minority representation in the media industry by providing Multi-year paid internships and scholarships to minority freshmen students. www.emmabowenfoundation.com/
THIRD WAVE FOUNDATION Open to full-time or part-time students age 30 and under who are enrolled in, or have been accepted to an accredited university, college, vocational/technical School or community college. Contact 212-675 –0700 or visit www.thirdwavefoundation.org
UNION SPONSORED SCHOLARSHIPS AND AID Database of scholarships available to members and children of local and national unions Visit www-.unionplus.org/college-education-financing/scholarships
UNITED NEGRO COLLEGE FUND (UNCF) This UNCF program offers Hispanic American, Asian, Pacific Islander American African American and Native American college students Contact 1-202-810-0258 or visit www.uncf.org
US Department of Homeland Security For minority students in an undergraduate or graduate program. Recipient serves Visit http://www.orau.gov
WILLIAM RANDOLPH HEARST ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIP as a summer intern with the William Randolph Hearst Fund. Award: $2,500 to 5,000 Visit http://www.apsanet.org/
XEROX SCHOLARSHIPS For minorities pursuing a career in technology. Visit www.xerox.com/
Additional Scholarships
Scholarship Names: Contact Information
Actuarial Scholarships for Minority http://www.beanactuary.org/
Aid &Resources For Re-Entry Students http://www.back2college.com/
Ayn Rand Essay Scholarships http://www.aynrand.org/contests/
Bell Labs Fellowships For Under Represented Minorities http://www.bell-labs.com/
Black Alliance for Educational Options http://www.baeo.org/
BOEING scholarships www.boeing.com
College Board Scholarship http://cbweb10p.collegeboard.org/fundfinder
College Net's Scholarship Database http://mach25.collegenet.com/cgi-bin
Easley National Scholarship Program http://www.naas.org/senior..htm
Federal Scholarships &Aid Gateways 25 Scholarship Gateways http://www.blackexcel.org
Gates Millennlum=2 0Scholarships http://www.gmsp.org/
GE and LuLac Scholarship Funds http://www.lulac.org/
Guaranteed Scholarships http://www.guaranteed-scholarships.com/
Historically Black College & University Scholarships http://www.iesabroad.org/
Holocaust Remembrance Scholarships http://holocaust.hklaw.com/
Hope Scholarships &Lifetime Credits http://www.ed.gov/
INROADS internships http://www.inroads.org/
Microsoft Scholarship Program http://www.microsoft.com/college
Scholarships for Study in Paralegal Studies http://www.paralegals.org/Choice
ScienceNet Scholarship Listings www.sciencenet.emory.edu/undergrad

Siemens Westinghouse Competition http://www.siemens-foundation.org/en/competition.htm
William Randolph Hearst Endowed Scholarship for Minority Students http://www.apsanet.org/
Scholarships for International Students
Scholarship Names :Scholarship DiscriptionContact Information
HBCU “PACKARD” SIT ABROAD SCHOLARSHIPS For U.S. students who want to study abroad. Award: $500 to $5,000. Visit www.sit.edu/studyabroad
INSTITUTE FOR INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION OF STUDENTS For study abroad and internships abroad. Both need and merit based scholarships available. Visit www.iesabroad.org
INTERNATIONAL STUDENT SCHOLARSHIPS & FINANCIAL AID Database of scholarships available for US and International students wishing to study abroad. Visit www.iefa.org/
PATRICK STEWART SCHOLARSHIPS FROM AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL For young activists seeking experience overseas on the front lines of human rights activism, advocacy, and research. Award: $600 - $18,000 Visit www.amnestyusa.org
PRESTIGIOUS SCHOLARSHIPS For international study. Links for the Rhodes, Fulbright, Rotary, Marshall, James Madison, Harry S. Truman, and Andrew W. Mellon scholarships are available at the UNT website of the Office of Nationally Competitive Scholarships Visit www.opgf.unt.edu
STUDY ABROAD SCHOLARSHIP DIRECTORY Database of scholarships based on country and field of study. Visit www.studyabroadfunding.org
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